People Behind

Enthusiastic, Young Developers Silvius and Kanagarajan started this company along with 3 other friends, after they came back from Germany at the end of the year 2002. As all these friends worked for the German Firm, Maas HighTech Software GmbH, and were well versed in the Domain of Documents Management, Calysto Software was envisioned.

Brief History

Inititally started in Chennai, the Capital of Tamilnadu, soon Moved to the City of Sweet Water, Coimbatore. Being an industrial city, this city provides a host of benefits.

With more and more developers, Calysto Softwares grew as Calysto Software Private Limited., in the year 2007. With our own building, with developers in the Area of Java, Spring, Web 2.0 technologies, Calysto Software Private Limited, became an integral part Of Maas HighTech Software GmbH.

When Maas Hightech was overtaken by Oxseed AG, Calysto Software became a partner in selling Oxseed - the DMS Product, in India and Asia.

Our Strengths

Calysto Softwares has the knowledge and expertise in the following Areas