OXSEED - An Innovative, User friendly Document Management System

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What is Oxseed?

Oxseed is one of the forerunners in the area of Document Management Systems. Oxseed is a product of a company dealing with Document management systems for more than three decades,

Why you need OXSEED?

Oxseed is a platform on which we provide a lot of solutions. Every Customer's need will be addressed by our special solutions.

  •   If you are using electronic-billing, we will help you to manage your documents.
  •   If you are in need of e-mail archiving, our mail room services will help you.
  •   If you are using a workflow model, oxseed could be best used there
  •   Every document can be passed throgh a flow based on RULES that you define.

A Customizable Document Management System, that is flexible by the very nature of it.

Why OXSEED will be a suitable DMS for you?
  •    Follows the SaaS model, means you pay for what you use, nothing extra.
  •    Security is at the German Standards, means a highly secured application.
  •    Supports Multiple Languages and best in Ergonomics
  •    Gives a free DMS for life longfor personal use.
  •    Easily customizable, sincere service team, support via facebook from 10 am to 10 pm

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myOxseed is the Personal edition of the Document Management System from Oxseed AG

Any person interested in keeping his documents safely and at reachable place from anywhere in the world is, the CLOUD Space of Oxseed.

Pioneers in the field of DMS, Experts in the Area of Cloud Computing, Oxseed AG offers LIFELONG useage of their wonder product myOxseed for FREE for individuals.

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