Why you need a Document Management System (DMS) ?

Document Management System

  Every Company needs a Document Management System ( DMS ) for managing their Bills, Invoices, Letters from their Clients. In simple words, all their communication with their clients or vendors. Today we might be using the manual methods. But we have to examine the Cost, Time factors.

Aren't you tiered of handling your documents?

When you need a document in few seconds, Searching in the Bundle of papers of 10 years, would not help you. But a DMS solution like ours ( Oxseed ) would surely help a lot. Your documents will be available to you, when you need them the most.

When you maintain them physically, you need to spend on the Space, Electricity, Safety measures and personel. But when you go with our system, you need not worry on these aspects. You shall concentrate on your business and we will take care of the rest.

Document Management System involves many steps like Capturing, Indexing, Storage. When the document is needed then retrival from Storage and distribution etc is needed.

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myOxseed is the Personal edition of the Document Management System from Oxseed AG

Any person interested in keeping his documents safely and at reachable place from anywhere in the world is, the CLOUD Space of Oxseed.

Pioneers in the field of DMS, Experts in the Area of Cloud Computing, Oxseed AG offers LIFELONG useage of their wonder product myOxseed for FREE for individuals.

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