Document Management System

Every Company needs a Document Management System ( DMS ) for managing their Bills, Invoices, Letters from their Clients. In simple words, all their communication with their clients or vendors.

When you need a document in few seconds, Searching in the Bundle of papers of 10 years, would not help you. But a DMS solution like ours ( Oxseed ) would surely help a lot. Your documents will be available to you, when you need them the most.

Document Management System involves many steps like Capturing, Indexing, Storage. When its needed Retrival from Storage and distribution etc.


Capture primarily involves accepting and processing images of paper documents from scanners or multifunction printers. Optical character recognition (OCR) software is often used, in order to convert digital images into machine readable text. Capture may also involve accepting electronic documents and other computer-based files.


Indexing may be as simple as keeping track of unique document identifiers; but often it takes a more complex form, providing classification through the documents' metadata or even through word indexes extracted from the documents' contents. Indexing exists mainly to support retrieval. One area of critical importance for rapid retrieval is the creation of an index topology.


Store electronic documents. Storage of the documents often includes management of those same documents; where they are stored, for how long, migration of the documents from one storage media to another and eventual document destruction.


Retrieve the electronic documents from the storage. Our flexible retrieval allows the user to specify partial search terms involving the document identifier and/or parts of the expected metadata. which means, you can easily get your data by searching with known values.


Our highest priority lies with Security. We comply by the German Standards. We also provide userlevel security managements so that a big company can achive any granular level security using our system.


Our rules-based workflow allows an administrator to create a rule that dictates the flow of the document through an organization: for instance, an invoice passes through an approval process and then is routed to the accounts payable department. Dynamic rules allow for branches to be created in a workflow process. A simple example would be to enter an invoice amount and if the amount is lower than a certain set amount, it follows different routes through the organization.

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